A Distant Learning Experience

A Distant Learning Experience

SICS College has a long-standing commitment to providing its students with quality education and resources, even during challenging times such as the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, the college offered live webinars, which were online seminars that offered a broad range of educational opportunities. These live webinars helped the college continue to provide a robust and engaging educational experience while students learned from a distance.
The college’s live webinars were accessible to students globally and offered a flexible and convenient way to learn and grow. With a variety of topics offered to choose from, students could explore new fields, develop their skills, or simply learn for the sake of learning. 


Whether students were looking for career development opportunities or simply wanted to expand their knowledge, the college’s live webinars were a valuable resource. Today, the college continues to offer webinars as a supplement to its traditional education offerings, providing students with the opportunity to explore new topics, gain new skills, and connect with experts from anywhere, at any time.

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