Garv se Hindi

Garv se Hindi

The Hindi Bhasha Club at SICS College is dedicated to fostering a love for the Hindi language and culture, respecting an integral part of our great nation’s heritage. The club aims to create a community of students who are passionate about Hindi language and culture, and provide them with opportunities to immerse themselves in the language through various activities and events. The club organizes language classes, cultural events, and more. Additionally, the club also hosts guest speakers and organizes (when possible)  film screenings and book clubs to further explore Hindi culture and to appreciate the literary and cultural wealth of our nation. The Hindi Bhasha Club is open to all students, regardless of their language proficiency, and provides a fun and welcoming environment for anyone interested in learning.

hindi bhasha

Hindi Bhasha Club Core Team

Batch Name
SYBAF Shreya Tiwari
Aditi Parmar
Ratan Yadav

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