Entrepreneur Club

Cradle for Ideation

Cradle for Ideation

The Entrepreneurship Club at SICS College is a dynamic organization that aims to foster the entrepreneurial spirit among students. The club provides a platform for students to come together, share ideas, and learn about the various aspects of entrepreneurship, including business development, marketing, and financial management. The club organizes workshops, guest speaker sessions, and networking events to give students the opportunity to learn from successful entrepreneurs and gain valuable insights into the industry. Additionally, the club also runs mentorship programs, where students can work with experienced entrepreneurs and receive guidance on how to turn their ideas into successful businesses. 


The Entrepreneurship Club is open to students of all majors and backgrounds, and provides a supportive and stimulating environment for anyone interested in pursuing a career in entrepreneurship. The college also recognizes the importance of entrepreneurship in today’s economy and encourages students to join the club to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in this field.

Entrepreneur Club Core Team

Batch Name
FYBMS Aman Singh
Chinmay Parab
Tanmay Bhosale
Hardik Dhakan
Rohan Jaiswal
Ashish Dubey
Srinivas Chalwade

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