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The Academic Council at SICS plays a crucial role in shaping the educational direction of the college and ensuring the highest standards of academic excellence. Comprised of distinguished faculty members, industry experts, and administrative staff, the Council is responsible for establishing policies and procedures related to curriculum development, assessment, and research initiatives.
Through regular meetings and discussions, the Academic Council works to stay abreast of current trends and developments in higher education and seeks to incorporate new and innovative approaches into the college’s academic programs. The Council also provides a forum for faculty members to voice their concerns and offer suggestions for improvement.

academic council

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The Academic Council (2022-23)

Composition Name
Principal Dr. Ritu Bhattacharyya
All Department HOD’s Ms. Lata Bhide – HOD - BMS
Mr. Umesh Machhi – HOD -BAF
Ms. Zarin Ansari – HOD-BBI
Mr. Vinod Patil – HOD-BScIT
Teachers of the college Mr. Rishi Koli
Mr. Darshan Joshi
Ms. Ganashree Chilka
Ms. Poonam Chaurasiya
Academic Experts from outside the college Dr. D.Y Patil
Dr. Sangeeta Kohli
Dr. Harsolekar
Dr. A.R Andhorikar
Dr. G.K Gupta
3 nominee from University not below Professor
Member Secretary – nominated by Principal Mr. Hrishikesh Tendulkar
Special Invitees Ms. Manisha Shah

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